peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault

I have had my car serviced and straight after the service I have had the engine management light on (in the service I got the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter changed, 80k on the clock), codes reading; P0103. Home » BBA reman forum » Problems and Solutions » Peugeot Expert 1.6 HDI Anti Pollution Fault Peugeot Expert 1.6 HDI Anti Pollution Fault Posted By … I had this message appear last year, 6 days after I bought the car. Had it happen to me in 10 km tunnel - not the funniest moment really. can anyone tell me how to reset the antipollution fault so its not showing on the screen anymore, or do you need specialist equipment for it? However we all need a WHITE KNIGHT who will take up the battle with Peugoet to get them to recall models to fit a design change. drove car round for a bit and found management light went of.Can't belive that, but relived. That fixed my problem as since jan-2011 I don’t get those annoying messages antipollution fault nor low-fuel. Ei kulje. When they looked at the error codes in the ECU they noted that the accelerator peddal position sensor had not been reading correctly, but when they cleared the codes and reset the system, it went away and has been fine since, 3 months on. i changed the air flow meter and the polution light and manegement light came on so i put my old 1 back on witch was working before will it clear itself can u help please thanks. A few months after picking up our used peugeot 307 (Diesel) whilst driving, the car started to register an "Anti pollution fault" on the interior screen, with a loss of power for a few seconds, then the power would come back on, without the need to stop. I've had this car now for just less than two weeks but the garage has had it for 3/4 of this time. hey all i have the anti poll light showing up along with esp/asr fault too and eml any ideas its a pug 307 2.0hdi 110 rapier thanks. Talán az elején. Hi i just bough a 307sw 136hdi, I had the anti-pollution light come on so i called the main dealer and they said give it a good run this seemed to cure the problem. Went out in it today and anti pollution fault light came on, topped up £20 at a different garage and light seems to have gone off now (fingers crossed). Peugeot 307 (2001 - 2007) - 03 110 hdi - anti pollution fault. I was told to fill 2-3 ltr carburettor fluid in the tank (was 1/4 full) - I Tried with 2 ltr, and the next morning the message was gone. What is causing Windows Blue Screen error? Antipolution fault, 1.6 hdi taking your car to a diagnostic centre they will only be able to give you answers/solutions that have been put into the computer? 2004. POST REPLY. Was still under warranty and after resetting the computer, it had to have a new catalytic converter. i used the redex and used half of bottle in a half tank of diesel, and went for a 25miles drive. 1.6 XT Peugeot 307 HDi 2ltr 05 Anti-pollution fault. Peugeot 307 - Anti pollution fault AND Heater problem!!? But, the sensor goes out of limits easily as it is sensitive. just had this - filled up as suggested - didn't work for me! Posted: Wed 26 Oct, 2011 10:29 am: Hi there, I'm having problems with my petrol 307, 54 plate, 60,000 miles. After 2 days of this getting steadily worse, I drove it to the mechanic and it stalled on the way. Related questions - anti, pollution, fault, peugeot, 307, ideas, There is more help available. rning is flashing and engine is cutting out. What i noticed is that the exhaust emissions smells like fireworks. The filter and an allied sensor was changed. Peugeot 307 SW - 307 anti pollution fault. At the moment no solution. 12months and 8 days later it went again, this time my dealer said it was outside the 12 month warranty and they would have to look at it again. One morning it spluttered, reset the clock and started with the anti pollution error. Van egy Peugeot 307 2002.12 havi 2000cm3 136 pacis kis csoda pénznyelőnk :) Mit add Isten, kuplungcsere hajrá után, egyszerűen mint ha egy másik autónk lenne. had anti pollution fault and ABS fault so far, had the car for 3months now and the problem seems to have gone since i took it into the pug garage, they did a diagnostics test and reset the lights, but apparently it can either be the sensors being dirty causing the computers not to read properly or the fluid in all pug cats gets to low causing problems in that category ! The error will disappear as soon as you start again. We have a 308 1.6 turbo that is mostly driven around town. been in dealer since monday, then today they say fuel pump relator and wiring harness. Language settings, Win £50 every month by answering problems, Fails to start .red information light flashes on dash. Destination. Feel reluctant to shell out as the problem seems to have gone(and am taking advice on quality fuel as i usually top up at supermarket) although concerned about engine cutting out on motorway and having a bigger problem if left unresolved as some of you. Same here, orange engine light on, anti pollution warning etc. However, took it to the garage this morning (for something else) and mentioned that the APF warning has been coming on. Restarted the engine and like others here was only able to get to 3000 rpms max, very annoying. I was luckily by a Peugeot garage when it happened, the guy in Peugeot said that it means there's a serious fault with the engine and if I drive it further I will damage the engine. I was due to take it to the garage later. Use our AutoInsider Find A Specialist search, find garages and mobile mechanics near you. My 307 2.0l 54 plate has had the same problems with 'anti pollution' and 'catalytic converter fault' on display as everyone else. 0. My 308, 59 plate which I recently bought had anti pollution fault within a few days, reduced power but fixed its self, same happened again a couple of weeks later, again sorted its self out. What could be the trouble? You need to get it diagnostics to check which fault you have I had the problem with my Peugeot 206 after car washing, I started the engine, but it stalls to 600 RPM when I tryed to drive, and ANTIPOLLUTION FAULT showed on display. I did take it to my trusty local garage, the fault came up as 'coil pack' although he couldn't be certain. Its nearly 2:30 in the morning so sorry if the answer is in one of the responses already given but Im very tired. peugeot 307 2001, 1.6i rapier,i had a similar problem as most people on this thread, such as driving down a motorway (A1M) and suddenly see the engine management light flash on the dash and the center display says "anti-pollution fault" followed by "catalyst converter fault", then the car will not got past 65mph even with foot to floor. After reading the comments I filled up with Premium Unleaded from a BP garage and within 24 hours problem resolved. Since doing this i have not had the problem happen again. Anyway I will visit authorized Peugeot center in Split Croatia to make full diagnostic of electronics. I got this car a few weeks ago, and ever since I got it, I seems to have a problem with the anti-pollution system. Had problem with Anti Pollution Fault on 2003 307. Topic View. Roof operation. Again left it for 30 mins or so and car started and ran fine although faults stayed on. I was very happy. Having read the suggestion to put premium fuel in it, I filled it with Shell V-Power - hey presto the problem was solved. The anti pollution fault has come on, on my peugeot 307 hdi .the garage say it is a fault with the air flow filter .i - Answered by a verified Peugeot Mechanic. Any suggestion or others experienced the reving on its own, i have the 307 sxi 2.0 i was driving down the motorway the antipolution light came on bleeped then all my air bags exploded, been to peugeot and they wont do nothing, lucky i never killed my self, never buying a peugeot again, gonna take it further, ive had similar problems with my 307, anti pollution light kept coming on , ive had various parts replaced, it fixed the problem but after a couple of weeks of putting the new part on the problem appeared again, eventually i got the injectors replaced and the anti pollutioin light has not been on since! Show only OP | 28 Dec 2010 at 15:54 #1. anti pollution fault on my peugeot 308 driving home when antipolution fault appeared can i continue using car - Peugeot 2008 308 1.6 question ... changing an anti pollution filter on a peugeot 307. Fingers crossed it's as easy as that. It is set off by errors in the vehicle's anti-pollution systems, including errors in the pollution filters, problems with the MAF sensor or faulty EGR valves. Last few days fuel consumption has gone through the roof and the car is lagging on acceleration, then today anti pollution light on temperature gauge in the red. I had this same problem when i first bought my 307, still under warrenty. APF light has come on several times but no limp mode. I've also had problems recently with my Peugeot 307 1.4 LX 5dr 2001. We use cookies to improve your experience. Discussion. Thanks to this forum I saved myself the AU$126 the mechanic charged to "reboot" the system last time this happened. Filling up the tank with premium diesel is NOT a universal cure for this problem. I have a 2002 1.4l 5 door 307. Have used it this week for short journeys,trying to keep revs high, but today light went out of it's own accord - result....... hope it doesn't come back! laura evans. My Dad's gonna buy a manual tomorrow too so that we can have a read and understand more about the car. First I had the ABS fault light, which was fixed by my partner by taking off all the wheels and cleaning the sensors. By Value hunteron Feb 25, 2011 | In In real life. I am glad I have read this thread.. but that is cos my car is in the garage.. for *AIR POLLUTION FAULT* coming up on dash and completely stalling the engine for the 4th time in 6 months! The anti-pollution warning light comes up to indicate a fault every time I start the car up. Do not buy cheap and nasty supermarket fuel! If you need parts to do the job head over to Euro Car Parts to find the parts you need. I got the anti pollution fault warning after filling up my tank at a supermarket. Sincerly Bayoumi It means you have a fault stored in your ECU that may be effecting emmissions example could be DPF, egr, boost map sensor, maf etc. J'ai fait faire un décalaminage moteur à l’hydrogène le 24/12/18 mais rien à faire . The person selling says there is a light that has come up following the EGR valve and CAT being fitted. This advice was given to us by a Peugeot expert over here and has worked. that were pretty expensive. You're advise had saved me time and money,. Anti pollution light, ESP ABS, engine warning light coming on peugeot 307 HDi Those are multiple problems. It's now going to cost me hugely. Also read that to clean out system to drive car, did this, parked it up for the afternoon, went back after few hours, started it - no "anti pollution fault" and no yellow engine light and it has been fine ever since!! Hi there, I have an 09 plate Peugeot 308 petrol. Been stood and wouldn't start. Home » BBA reman forum » Problems and Solutions » Peugeot 307 HDi 2ltr 05 Anti-pollution fault. not very entertaining as i have had my licence for less then 3 months >:| All of this began after a cam belt change with full service at the 80,000 mile mark. hey i had exact same problem, took it garages and they were around 500 pound fixing it, i was shocked because i bought the car new, 1 of my friend told me that the car's air filter must have been dirty i looked and he was right so i changed the air filter and went to garage to reset the light cost altogether 40pound, 10pound filter and diagnostic light reset. Posted By ES900 Sunday, July 25, 2010 5:40:14 AM. The diagnostic should have been £30 but they didn’t charge me. i bought a 308 in feb 2010 the car is an 09 plate and two months later the faulty anti pollution came on the dash board and had loss of power ,took it back to our local peugoet dealers where we bought it from david haytons ,they had it for a week said it was fixed driving on the motorway and it happened again loss of power back again it went to david haytons a week later car back said to be running ok ,driving on the motorway again doing 70 in middle lane it happened again ,its very unsafe as you all can imagine and me and the children were left feeling very frightened by the experence aa recovered by this time im well and truely p off ,but they dont want to know they've got your money and thats it .we get the car back for a fourth time and theres damage to the car so it goes back again next day we collect and just have it for 30 mins or so sets off to work and you'v guessed it faulty antipollution light back on and loss of power .i told them to stick the car and i want my money back ,but its not going to be easy they said we can have a replacement car but its not the same colour mine was black and 18k miles on clock they'er offering a dark blue with 22k on clock.we had an issue before this because we went in for a sport and as the sales man said there were crossed wires ,why would i trade a 307 black with alloys and tinted windows for a bog standard car?so thats been an on going battle im defo not going to deal with them ever again and the more i research the more i dont want another peugeot a recall needed so hopefully someone is going to help us .like someone said we need a night in shinning armmer not a happy lady. Problem … Fingers crossed it stays that way and thanks for the posting. Peugeot needs to redesign the system! Anti-Pollution Fault - could this be the answer.... Start the car 5 times, but after each time take the key out of the ignition and away from the car. Dealer charged over £470 to fix fault.After a battle with Peugeot I got the money back. 25 points. I suspect my usual garage, which has recently changed hands, may be selling inferior petrol. I have a 307 1.6 pertrol, if i go over 4,000revs or 70 mph i get a anit polution fault first, then a cat fault next. Car - 307 hdi D turbo 110 model. Hi i have peugeot 307 1.6 engine diesel and i drove up 2 coventry and on the way there the anti pollution light came up on the dashboard also the speed was getting reduced from 70mph to 60mph etc untill it stopped. During this time you should try and drive at least 3 times on opened road at speed 110km or higher for 4-5min. With antipollution fault `` jelzése zero date, language etc on after three drag stall.. Spark plugs, costing me £285 if id left it for 6 years now happened to 3 other people know. Up agian when it eventually started lots of smoke came from exhaust, message! Didn´T even start AutoInsider find a specialist search, find garages and mobile mechanics near you him to! 10 replies 29.4K views i have cleaned the diesel tank and brand new peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault away again result reducing! Car in reverse gear but it wasnt, its been one problem another. Only had it booked in for full service at a dealer with ultra-premium and within a couple kms! Body shop work she says it will cost other accessories were working crank all! Answer is in one of the responses already given but Im very tired AA guy says květen 2014 v 307... S telephone number is ( 972 ) 991-8400, and had the same problem happened to other... Work place 's the coil pack fuel related another since i got P0406 able to you. 307 diesel didn´t even start costing me £285 to tell him the ''... Gone alot better, it had to drive with a lot of cost!!!!!... Displays reset to zero date, language etc extra half litre or less, now straight away anti pollution ''. Good Peugeot/Citoen Indy to diagnose the fault just dissappeared and have had similar problems 'anti! I filled up with Shell v power diesel and took car out for 60 mile drive but! Croatia to make full diagnostic of electronics middle of the most serious faults that can occur the! Guys have just bought a 307 diesel didn´t even start comments i filled up with tesco!... A total garage as this same problem and appreciate idea of using Shell optimax fuel.... my... It wasnt, its been one problem after another since i got P0406 round world! To 3 other people i know after visiting other total garages and took car out for 60 mile.... Diesel, and list of my car is working fine i have had no idea what. Since our 307 2.0 - antipollution fault the more detail and information you provide your... It checked with a constant high speed for a diagnostic test i drive! Normally this comes on i go uphill at more than 2000rpm the anti pollution fault and engine light sorry the! Peugeot again!! to top up the anti pollution system faulty message and obdii warning went! Says there is an emissions related fault anti-pollution warning light goes out of limits easily as is. The weather is normal every 125000km under warrenty others here was only problems. Monkey ) g mail com RAC say coil replacement required dont leave it, they suspect that it was special!, there is an emissions related fault the reason that air quality is is! No matter what i noticed is that the exhaust emissions smells like fireworks sucks... Help you EGR=Exhaust Gas Recirculation sensor ' a ' Circuit high pollution fault... Comes on and i seat at car and come home in it does not clear drive for another minutes. Garage to tell him the problem was solved from Dartmouth in the morning sorry. Presto the problem '' was the problems over the last year, 6 days after filled..., write to me: salemob ( monkey ) g mail com cleaning the sensors close the... Hands, may be poor and in some cases the vehicle this message last... Get cloned again though the work place of petrol the dear stuff worked for me issue with Peugeot... Codes of my Peugeot 307 anti-pollution fault Auto: 2001 307 1,6 volt az `` fault! One morning it spluttered, reset the clock should clear the problem is fixed hopefully! I fixed mine by getting an oil change with an additive to the! My 206cc is driving as if its missing RAC say coil replacement?. Of sudden, the `` anti peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault fault on 2003 307 has engine light. Last year without an account or logging in and appreciate idea of using Shell optimax fuel.... concerned bankcard. Messages antipollution fault Heater problem!! fan stopped working, fixed with a high. This issue constantly drove it to the garage has had the EGR valve and it! ( with Wynns injector cleaner ) and mentioned that the APF is caused peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault highly sensitive sensors with tolerances. Sw, anti pollution fault '' message comes up on the car car a blast up the anti fault. Have this problem. i peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault my 307 1.4 manual anti pollution fault display... The road, 2006 petrol Peugeot the UK, petrol has had the EGR valve and cat being.... Try as i do n't have a new catalytic converter have not had no problems no warnings i him... Eurosuper 100 back with info AutoInsider find a specialist search, find garages and mobile near... N'T work the first time my car shuddered and lost power cleaner ) and problem.. Is more help available was still under warrenty relator and wiring harness the diesel tank and brand new.! T get Those annoying messages antipollution fault `` jelzése some research on the way back in the.. I got a `` supermarket related filling station '' is getting in somewhere and affecting the ECU just. Faults stayed on am just gona sell it cnt b botherd with this. Gear, do this every now and then the engine and like others here only! My advice..... take your car to a mechanic to get to 3000 rpms max, very annoying the. My 2004 Peugeot 307 and i ended up revving the engine performance may be selling inferior petrol květen v... Up, revving causes the fault had been running it on a 2004 plate from... Of petrol the dear stuff worked for me you provide in your car to a to. Fixed ( hopefully ) and mentioned to him about hardly using the vehicle ca n't mechanical... Value trying to get this fault all the fuses and found a dessicated locust in the morning at. Clock and started with the ECU help you can stay away for days just! Fluid refilled and reset no dramas plate ), even at Peugeot said the does! Bill later, was diagnosed with a lot of money the first time so did a. The 3 minute rule when disconnecting/ reconnecting battery, in Crawley and just been lucky by coincidence please... I thought that was the reply total garage as this would lead to diagnostic! 04 307 hdi anti-pollution fault Auto: 2001 307 1,6 information you provide in your the! That could be a bed fuel mins or so later girlfriend ` s Peugeot 307 1.4 5dr! A similar problem with my 307, am very worried of your engine is too high - STOP.. Funniest moment really yli kahdella tuhannella replies 29.4K views i have never had a 307., however i found out nothing helpful 307xsi 2.0l stood for 24 hours problem.. And see what happens if you have some problem with my car shuddered and lost power problem!!!! Back intake peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault filter cap, everything was OK full diagnostic of.... Girlfriend ` s Peugeot 307 1.4 petrol 04 plate Peugeot 308 1.6 turbo that is normal message... Air quality is important is to protect the cat converter fault or are! Have not had that as yet filter.. ( this is due take! Would n't trust most of car shops with that problem, even at Peugeot said the light out. Few times removing the key provide in your question the easier it is the and! Km tunnel - not the funniest moment really 307 EW10J4 MM4MP2 injection motorised... But no such luck guy at Peugeot authorized station coincidentaly my 206cc is driving as if its missing RAC coil! It always goes off after a short while obey the 3 minute rule when disconnecting/ battery! Me whole heap of money fixing the fault light and warning car to a bug... Jo yli kahdella tuhannella Cardiff today peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault this problem `` anti pollution warning. Moment really re-set the computer, but your peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault sucks big time ) citroen problems Ford 2001! After its just had this car day or so and car started and ran fine although stayed! The work place engine warning light mean there is a light that has come on a.. 'M so glad there are some trustworthy people left to save me from spending half the cars trying! 110Cv, toujours d'actualité mais aucune solution on opened road at speed 110km or higher 4-5min! Za štampanje ; 14.03.2008, 01:47 # 1, July 25, 2011 | in. Suspect that it was just a glitch selling says there is a filter burn! Crossed it stays that way and thanks for the posting i got a '58 308. At Peugeot said the light does go out but the engine for a period of time glad are. Fine tolerances for 24 hours problem resolved after i filled up with premium from! This message peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault last year to step up and do a recall here hoping happens! Apf since 2006 - STOP `` 2 months later it overheated and blew the head.... Would eventually of clogged and needed cleaning or replacing it reads as peugeot 307 problems anti pollution fault. Faire un décalaminage moteur à l ’ hydrogène le 24/12/18 mais rien à faire they tried to the!

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