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ASA operates on the IT market since 1977.

IBM Business Partners

  • IBM First Tier Service Business Partner
  • Certificazioni PureFlex System
  • Power, Storage, System X, Software, Mainteneance
  • Financial leases
  • Operating leases
  • Loans

Lenovo Business Partners

Sede Asa
Sede Asa

Our aim is to help the customer to improve the efficiency of its IT network by working at the hardware and software level through a careful analysis of the programs in use and advantageous proposals for alternative solutions including both the latest release of national manufacturers and both foreign custom programs and calibrated on individual needs.

Improve the efficiency of your IT systems means saving time, money and energy that you can use for other purposes. In a market in continuous technological evolution, it is vital to always be updated to the latest level.

Please visit our website, please contact us via e-mail commerciale@asacomputer.com to phone 466 664 0321 or visit our offices directly in Corso Vercelli 89 in Novara to understand how to improve the efficiency of your computer network.